What is WeGoChain?
Wego Chain is a blockchain platform launched by The Wego Company in 2019. t is a practical, safe and convenient open blockchain for everyone.
What is Rubidium?
Rubidium is the mainnet of WegoChain and the currency of the WegoChain platform.
What is the WeGo Chain’s Objective?
WeGo Chain's ultimate goal is to expand a blockchain platform that is easy to use from individuals to small businesses and corporations to create a blockchain ecosystem that can be utilized by everyone.
Rubidium Update
The first version of Rubidium launches on Ethereum’s network, the largest blockchain platform in the world. thereum facilitated the development of decentralized applications (DApps) driving on blockchain by using Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). DApp is fully compatible with the traditional blockchain ecosystem and also runs on mobile. Ethereum combined a modified bitcoin infrastructure with an EVM to provide an ecosystem that can utilize a Smart Contract, a private contract, on a trusted blockchain. The second version of Rubidium is its mainnet using EVM. Rubidium creates a unique blockchain ecosystem that complies with EVM and Solidity standards, and it is an alternative optimized for the DApp platform.
An ecosystem for creating a DApp
Anyone can use DApps installed on Rubidium through Rubidium. nodes around the world without any restrictions. DApps with Rubidium are available through browser for RBD, dedicated Metamask, and My RBD Wallet (Chrome Extension).
Smart Contract
Smart Contract enables execution and termination of a contract between users involved by setting up a specific payment condition of trades and recording agreement and assigned amount of RBD on a blockchain. Rubidium can automate the execution of the contract without the participation of third parties by creating Smart Contract using EVM