WeGo Chain offers a variety of DApps that connect with every service content to operate the business with saving time and cost for developing new projects.

1 Operation of the business using small business services, such as Payment and POS platform
2 Direct transaction using Marketplace platform
3 Contracts and transactions with transparency and fairness


Blockchain-based proof of origin and distribution history management

What if reliable information makes everyone safe and satisfying consumption? Record, manage and prove distribution history in blockchain data from the product's warehousing stage to the sales stage, reducing the time and cost of tracking history in case of trouble. In addition, smart management system will eliminate insufficient inventory management, and opportunities to utilize consumer contact marketing (immediate sales text notification service) will be expanded.



Blockchain-based Cold Chain System

‘Farm to Table’
The fresh food market in developed countries is 80% of the total food market and the growth potential of the domestic fresh food market is increasing. For fresh food, it is most important to maintain the freshness and taste from farm to table.



Blockchain-based QR System

QR codes that increase the efficiency of various industries and contain a large amount of information. However, the risk of security on-line and off-line is a constant problem from the beginning of the introduction of smartphones. Blockchain-based QR systems complement security vulnerabilities to ensure information safety.


(Non-Fungible Token)


The foreign worker integrated management system utilizing nft

  • Management of illegal immigrants
  • Store immigration information in blockchain
  • Encrypt face recognition information
    Checkable through smartphone camera
  • Visa information
  • Employment information in Korea
  • Employer Information


Franchise utilizing nft

1 Analysis of commercial districts and location selection under consultation with headquarters and franchisees
2 Determination of NFT quantity and dividend rate for deposit/rights
3 NFT minting NFT Price Determination at Head Office (e.g. 1 million won, 5 million won, etc.) Determining NFT price based on investor opinion
4 Establishment of collateral security for store rental deposit (protection of investor principal)
5 Attracting investors
6 A franchise store contract