Rubidium Tokenization Criteria Based on TTF


WeGo Chain presents the rubidium tokenization criteria based on TTF criteria, making the use of blockchain technology more popular for businesses between industries.

Outline of RTF(Rubidium Taxonomy Framework) The characteristics and objectives of the RTF(Rubidium Taxonomy Framework)are as follows: First, we develop based on TTF for token issue criteria and language unification. Second, we present a new criterion of only Rubidium through the criteria of TTF. Third, effective communication is possible by using a unified language Fourth, we lead the early NFT market through the Rubidium.

The components(Artifacts)of the TTF( Token Taxonomy Framework) are as follows.

1 t

Transferable: It is a function of transferring ownership of tokens, which is the replaceable action when cash is used and applies to non replaceable tokens.

2 ~t

Non transferable: It has restrictions to prevent changes in ownership of the first issued owner.

3 d/~d

Indivisible/Whole: It has decimal places to divide the token. The U.S. dollar can be divided into 2 decimal places and Bitcoin can be divided into 8 decimal places

4 s

Singleton : If the token class represents the only target, the quantity is 1.

5 m

Mint able : It is the function of issuing a new token of the class.

6 r

Role Support : It is a fun ction that defines roles in a class to allow or prevent specific tasks.

7 b

Burnable : It is the function of deleting tokens from supply.

8 a

Attestable : It is a function that proves and verifies that the account belongs to the owner of the token.