WEGO Chain is ultimately a platform that enables individuals, small businesses, enterprises, and anyone in the industry to quickly design a token economy based in Rubidium, a WEGO Chain Mainnet. WEGO Chain is eager to approach the problem of utilizing blockchain in a real-life to popularize blockchain. Currently, however, the mainnet of a blockchain platform, DApp, and contents connecting tools are significantly lacking. WEGO Chain saves time and cost in developing new projects by providing various DApps that can link numerous service contents to do a business.

Considers the scalability of the technology Provides personal ledger Implement an enterprise architecture. Provides ledger function in DApp. Supports mining system for DApp token. Implement a one-click system for anyone to issue token quickly. Implement a system for individuals, families, small businesses, enterprises, and anyone to efficiently utilize a blockchain. Support a system for anyone to use distributed ledger easily. Provides an order fairness in transactions by applying QRNG (Quantum Random Number Generator) in blockchain.

WeGo Chain has a total of five core layers and provides a DApp development environment to operate a blockchain reward and other variety of services.

Layered Architecture has the advantage of increasing system flexibility and reuse by dividing similar functions into layers to perform unique functions on each layer and replacing the corresponding layer/module can minimize the impact on other layers/modules.

Figure 8 . T he Trilemma of Blockchain Technology

Cryptocurrencies currently on the market can solve one or two problems of the blockchain trilemma of decentralization, security, and scalability, and it is known that satisfying all three issues is physically impossible.

WeGo Chain overcame the biggest challenge in the blockchain industry, Trilemma, based on optim al decentralization, security, and scalability at the same time. Primarily, security and user accessibility have been significantly improved than existing blockchain platforms.